“Riding Dressage is like learning how to surf a big wave. You can’t control it; but you can learn how to ride the power and share the moment!”

– Karin Bielefeld


  • Are you looking for answers to why your horse behaves the way it does?
  • Do you have chronic problems with your horse?
  • Have you spent thousands of dollars on expensive solutions from other trainers only to find out it isn’t working?


My name is Karin Bielefeld and I can help you solve your problems through personal, video or picture evaluations, saddle fitting, custom designing and fitting a specialized therapeutic pad (the Ugly Pad) and helping to improve your riding skills! I have been a trainer and teacher for over 40 years and love to help equestrians through my specialized services and clinics.


Services Available

·        Instruction in Dressage, Hunter, and Equine muscular development

·        Full Body Evaluations

·        Saddle-fitting Evaluations

·        Personalized training for horse and riders needs

·        Personalized programs to develop young horses as they grow

·        Conditioning and preparing the horse for Breed Inspections

·        Competition preparation

·        Equine Rehabilitation and conditioning

·        Customized Therapeutic Saddle Pads

·        Online Evaluations and video lesson consulting