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Karin Bielefeld is a Michigan horsewoman with a passion for teaching.  She has successfully coached students and trained horses for over 40 years.  She has a well trained eye for conformation and movement and can detect flaws, unsoundness or previously undetected issues that cause trouble for your or your horse.


Karin’s students have achieved National Championship status under her tutelage in many disciplines, including hunters, jumpers, dressage and saddledeat.  She has dedicated herself to perfecting the rider’s position and promoting proper muscular development of the horse, in order for the team to reach their maximum potential!


Her 4-point Educational Program also includes saddle fitting and shoeing or farrier evaluations. When rider position, muscular development, saddle fit and shoeing are all properly addressed, riders are better able to achieve their goals! Riders who understand the form and function of the horse’s body, along with training theory and techniques, are far less likely to ask their horses to perform beyond their ability–a major cause of serious injury.

Karin loves to teach and welcomes anyone who loves to learn and apply what they have learned to develop their horse. Show horse or backyard pony, two years old or thirty, Karin will treat each horse as an individual with the same care and consideration. Karin says, “I have learned from every horse I’ve ever worked with. I hope to share with others all the things they have so willingly taught me.”