Bielefeld Ent. Relief Pad with cover.

Bielefeld Therapeutic Relief Pad with cover


Bielefeld Therapeutic Relief Pad

The BTHP is designed to give warmth to specific muscle groupings of your choice. The BTHP has velcro straps that can be adjusted to angle the pads over desired muscles groupings. The removable pads are heated to desired warmth in a microwave (Be sure to check before use that they do not get too hot!) Then replace pads into their exterior covers and apply on your horse to relieve muscle aches, cramps or other areas.

Medium BTRP  $70.00 plus $15.00 shipping

Large BTRP $90.00 plus $15.oo Shipping

Demonstration Video (coming soon)




“Eye Buddy "The Best Friend Your Eyes Will Ever Have"

A wonderful tool to clean eye glass lens and phone or  iPod screens. It removes smudges and streaks left by your fingers. No need to dampen. When cloths stops removing smudges just hand wash  in lukewarm water  with a small amount of dish detergent. Lay flat to dry overnight on towel to dry. This product is hand made each time!

Caution: “Eye Buddy” may have been made in a house with pets.

Cost is: Denim $10.00 Free shipping

Spice $10.00 Free shipping

Ecru $10.00 Free shipping

Black $10.00 Free shipping


Rose $10.00 Free shipping

Fushia $10.00 Free shipping

Demonstration Video (coming soon)