In February of 2017 I re-started up one of my favorite group lessons – Jump Club!  We have four to five ladies on our team (with an occasional visitor).  All of the riders and all of the horses are struggling with different demons.  I am so proud of each of them!  They are really trying hard and having those “a-ha!” moments when things “click”!  It is wonderful to see them coming along and becoming a real team as well.

We started with:

  • Kaitlyn and Diego, an OTTB (former racehorse) who LOVES to jump but wants to bolt through everything.
  • Iris and Cole, a horse who doesn’t have a lot of motivation.
  • Rachel and Breezy, who would rather sleep than anything else.
  • Michela with Mahara, an Arabian princess who spooks and refuses everything. 
  • Tanya and Niki, a Hanoverian who likes to clown around and not pay attention.

Occasional players include Penny – large draft cross mare; Sandy – contesting horse; Jasper, a 20 year old Baskhir Curly 

Several sessions in, Mahara had some soundness issues so her owner has been learning from some of our wonderful school horses.  These horses really have a lot to teach their riders, because none of them are “typical” push button school horses.  They have their own personalities and quirks that are invaluable for learning experiences.  Riding school horses can really round out a rider’s education, because they learn how to develop a rapport with different horses having different issues!

Note that none of these animals including the school horses are finished jumping horses, so not only are my ladies learning to jump, they are also learning to school their mounts over the jumps – and overall doing a fine job!

These girls and horses basically started from the ground up – trotting over ground poles and working on straightness.  I will be posting occasional videos and pictures highlighting their progress!


March 12 – the girls third or fourth lesson, look at Kaitlyn and Michela go!



Iris and Cole                     








Kaitlyn and Diego


       Rachelle and Jasper








Michela and Sandy