I have many years of success in rehabilitating horses, from aged horses to horses with injuries that could have ended their riding careers. I love to work with the older horses and bring back the sparkle to their eye and bounce in their step!

I am very experienced in muscle and skeletal development and biomechanics. I can work in conjunction with your vet or even assess your horse to see if he needs a vet, chiropractor, or an exercise program.



Examples of Aged Horses

Billy 22 yr old Thoroughbred. Photos – Before (2010)  After (2012)

Billy was 20 years old when we started his rehab program. He had been retired to field via the Vet’s suggestion. He was not holding weight no matter what the owner tried. We started working with him in 2010 when he came to Willow Tree to retire in our large pastures. I designed an exercise program for Billy that his owner, Alli, diligently worked at 2-3 days a week, taking lessons as needed to move forward. She was once again able to ride and enjoy her horse and he kept improving! He galloped in the pasture with his friends and was again the naughty Thoroughbred that he used to be.



Billy spring fever 5 2014                                   Billy     Spring 2014 Billy spring fever 4 2014


Billy spring fever 6 2014

Sadly, Billy passed in November of 2014. Even though we will miss him he leaves behind a legacy. His owner Alli Farkas enjoyed him as he did her right to the very end. “God Bless you Billy for all that you taught us in our journey together.”


Billy and owner Alli at a Dressage Show


Prince – a 30+ year old pony.  Another Trainer was reunited with a pony she had owned years ago. We were saddened by the state he was in. Not only did he have neurological looking problems but also definite skeletal issues. We decided to give him a chance by working with him to see what happened. Here’s Prince before any work was done in April of 2016.



One month into rehab, Price has made dramatic improvements!  View this short video of my student learning how to help Prince.



Assessment later that month



Here is Prince 4 months into rehabilitation.  He is once again productive and happy!



In WillowTree’s first schooling show of 2017, Prince took first place in the “Senior Horse” halter class!!