About Karin’s Teaching and Instruction

 “Each horse and rider is their own entity. There can be different riders on the same horse, with the outcome of the ride different along with the lesson learned.”

Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are available in  one hour or one-half hour  intervals. No matter which one you choose, each lesson will be  informative with the rider’s total understanding in mind. Karin encourages the student to ask questions. She also suggests that students have their lessons videotaped and take notes for future reference. Karin recognizes that every student /horse combination has different skill levels along with taking into consideration the abilities of the horse. Therefore, many aspects are taken into consideration while Karin is teaching, including: breed, physical ability of rider, style of learning (auditory, visual etc.), skill level of riding, and physical ability of the horse.

Group Lessons

Group lessons do not exceed 6 riders. We offer Ladies night which is an exercise work-out style of group lesson.  Participants have a lot of fun and it is a great stress reliever!  Current Ladies night openings on Mondays and Thursdays.

Jump club takes place March through November with various local showing opportunities!


Dressage Driving

Advance your horse’s driving skills to use the principles of dressage!  Fine tuning and learning how your horse can best carry himself for the maximum in performance and enjoyment.  One lesson or a continuing learning process… you will love the results!  (Students must be proficient in hitching their horse but all driving levels will benefit from this instruction)

See a sample of recent student lessons (best viewed at minimum 480p on YouTube):




Clinics and Workshops

Karin gives group instruction and clinic-style seminars on various topics:

  • Instruction in Dressage, Hunters and equitation in numerous disciplines
  • Your old or lame horse “Understanding the muscular needs of your horse”
  • Dressage at the lower levels: understanding the purpose and goals
  • Dressage Driving
  • Addressing problems with your horse through a work program for your skill level
  • Working over fences
  • Saddle-fitting  evaluations
  • Conditioning the competitive horse

Online Services 

Specialized work programs for riders and their horses, Full body evaluation, video conference on riding  or movement.

Video Evaluation or Instruction – click here!

 Photo Evaluation – Click Here!