How Online Photo Assessment Works

The first step in getting an evaluation from still photos is to send me focused and detailed digital pictures (JPEG, min 300 dpi) which clearly indicate the areas of concern. If it is not possible to send pictures through email, you may mail 4×6 pictures to my home address for an evaluation; upload to YouTube or send via a dropbox or other video transport such as 

Your horse should be standing squarely on a level surface showing the entire horse, including hooves so I can see the angles.  (Photos taken in long grass, deep sand or snow won’t show everything I need to see).  Both sides of the horse are important.  If the mane is on both sides, please brush it to one side so I can see the neck.  Include Front and rear photos, taken with the head straight and moving the tail aside to view the hocks and leg structure.  You may also include a good photo of the back taken from above and behind the horse.



From there, the pictures will then be evaluated and sent back to you via email address or to your home address.

You may also upload video(s) to YouTube.  Please ensure that you and your horse are clear and close to the camera (not across a big field or behind a fence!)

 In order to discuss the evaluation online,a microphone and headset is suggested.

Fees for evaluations are made through PayPal and paid prior to service.

If an evaluation is not possible  your funds will be returned to you via certified check to your home address.