Ugly Pad

How The UGLY PAD Works

The Bielefeld Therapeutic horse pad is an innovative design guaranteed to make your horse’s life under saddle a comfortable experience! It’s custom cut to fit your horse in about an hour, and can be adjusted to conform to changes in your horse’s shape as the muscles develop over time. The UGLY PAD decreases pressure points and provides for greater freedom of movement under saddle. This feature also encourages symmetrical muscle development of your horse. As a bonus, the unique composite material used to make the pad massages and stimulates stress areas in your horse’s back.


Why Use The UGLY PAD?

Proper saddle fit – to both horse and rider – is one of the most important things a rider needs in order to get the best performance every time AND maintain a happy, healthy horse.  You could spend thousands on custom designed saddles  – but you can help to achieve the same effect by learning how your saddle should fit your horse and understanding how you can monitor the combination!


The UGLY PAD compensates for the imperfect saddle fit which will affect every horse at some point in its life. Problematically for the horse, many of these changes are situated along the horse’s top-line, especially in the saddle area. Our horses will give us many clues that they would like some relief:

  • Misshapen hooves
  • Lameness
  • Training Problems such as trouble picking up correct lead
  • Tension or Stiffness
  • Unwilling to move forward
  • Refusing to stand still while being mounted
  • Balking, Bucking
  • Swishing Tail or Pinned ears
  • Flinching or hollowing the back while being mounted
  • Physical issues such as crooked spine


How Do I get an UGLY PAD?

I begin by assessing your horse’s body, inspecting your equipment, and watching you ride.  I will check your saddle thoroughly for pressure points, twisting or deformation.  Then I create a mockup of an “UGLY PAD” designed specifically for your horse, adjusted where needed to conform to his/her unique shape.  You ride the horse with it and tell me if you feel a difference or a positive change in gait or feeling.  When you have decided to purchase an UGLY PAD, I then custom make one for your horse.  Your pad may be made on the spot (depending on the time allotted) or can be shipped to you.

It’s important to me that we see immediate results before you spend money!  Evaluation costs start at only $25 for the first half hour – I can recognize your trouble spots very quickly. (Many clients end up requesting a full evaluation which also includes muscle development critiques, exercise suggestions, and conformation analysis, along with the saddle fit.)  Your saddle may work perfectly with only a shim or change in existing padding – but if not, I can help!

The cost of the UGLY PAD varies from $80 to $150.00 (depending on the amount of material used).  Why keep buying and selling saddles until one fits, only to have your horse change shape due to exercise, injury or growth – and potentially having repeated fit issues?  Having your tack fitted yearly can save time, money and frustration – and ensures that your horse has the maximum opportunity to focus on his job rather than uncomfortable equipment.



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