What will a video evaluation do for me?

Karin is very skilled at pinpointing issues such as rider position, whether the horse is accepting contact, off balance, anxious, has physical issues or many other potential problems.  Her trained eye for biomechanics and movement will discover what the rider needs to do or change in order to allow the horse to move properly.  Conformation can also be addressed as it affects the horses’ movement.

Another big issue riders have is fear.  Virtual coaching provides objective feedback that can help to identify and relieve tension in both rider and horse, help to understand the positive aspects of your relationship with the horse, and improve the next ride!

This is an excellent investment when it is not possible to take a lesson with Karin; as a clinic or workshop follow up; or a “sanity check” to ensure you’re on the right track!  Many horse owners don’t have access to a trailer and may be too far away to justify the travel involved.  While “hands-on” consultation is ideal, if it just won’t work out, video is an excellent alternative.

Videos are also excellent tools if you are shopping for a new horse and can’t take a trainer with you.  They also serve as a permanent record of your progress!

How Online Assessment Works

The first step in getting an online critique is to contact Karin with your questions or issues.  She will direct you on what video footage is needed to solve your specific problems or to evaluate a potential purchase.  Next, be sure to take clear, focused videos which clearly show the issues or concerns you want help with.  You may also include a diary entry (maximum 1/2 page) explaining what you are doing, thinking and feeling during the ride – and the specific issue or questions you need solved.

For pre-purchase or conformation evaluation, include some stills of your horse if possible: He should be standing squarely on a level surface showing the entire horse, including hooves.  (Tall grass, deep sand or snow could hide important clues).  If the mane is on both sides, please brush it to the opposite side so the neck is fully visible.  Include front and rear photos, taken with the head straight and moving the tail aside to view the hocks and leg structure.  (Please choose only one photo of each pose!)

Submitting the Video

To send videos, the best way is to upload them to YouTube and send the link to Karin; but if you cannot, you can mail a flash drive or DVD directly to Karin.  Once the video is uploaded, pay thru the website as directed and contact Karin to schedule your personal consultation.

Your Personalized Results

Karin may host either a video conference or a phone consultation and fully explain her findings.  You will receive not only feedback about the video itself, but your personalized “fixes”, exercises and workplan designed specifically for your horse!  This consultation is the real thing – valuable advice from over forty years of training experience. 


Virtual Lessons 

Video Evaluation

Lameness Critique

Pre Purchase Advice



Tips on Technique

Please ensure that you and your horse are clear and close to the camera (not across a big field or behind a fence!) The person taking videos will need to keep you in the view and the camera held steady. Videos should contain work in both directions, and include the rider coming towards the camera as well as going away from the camera.  Shoot during daylight if possible, using as much natural light as you can.  Wear light colored clothing if possible.  If your video is unusable, you will have the opportunity to resend new footage. 

Here are some short examples for videoing:



Riding towards camera:

Video conferencing fees are made through PayPal and paid prior to service.  Karen will closely review all footage and information before contacting you.  

If an evaluation is not possible  your funds will be returned to you!